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Success stories

Key challenges

Healthcare and insurance benefits management back-office

The client is one of the leading companies in France specializing in healthcare (Third Party Payer and Non-Third Party Payer) and insurance benefits management. They specialize in managing healthcare professionals’, members’, and policyholders’ requests for coverage, quotes, and reimbursements. They also handle the analysis and processing of inquiries and claims from healthcare professionals, members, and policyholders. Additionally, the client manages membership requests, contract lifecycle updates, and ensures the payment of contributions.

The client was looking for a partner capable of:

our figures

number of tasks processed per year
quality of processing
0 %
number of expert managers mobilized
+ 0

Why did they choose BYOS?

Our operational capabilities

BYOS has industrial operational capabilities with nearshore and offshore platforms to best meet the demands of its clients.

Our capacity to host health data.

BYOS has the capacity to host health data within the HDS data center, thus meeting regulatory requirements for the protection of personal data.


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