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INSURANCE: Innovation and BPO addressing operational challenges in the sector.

Mastering customer relationship management

Insurance companies receive a large number of requests from policyholders, whether it’s for contract information, claims, or reimbursement inquiries. Outsourcing up to 80% of this request management enables efficient handling of these queries, reducing response times, while ensuring a customer satisfaction rate exceeding 90%.

Optimization of administrative processes

Insurance companies must manage a multitude of administrative processes, such as new contract subscriptions, claims management, and billing. Delegating a portion of these tasks allows for optimization and automation where possible, thereby improving operational efficiency. Studies show that outsourcing certain processes, such as administrative tasks, can reduce management costs by 20 to 30% and increase productivity.

Innovate to meet the evolving needs of policyholders

In light of the emergence of new technologies and business models, innovation is a strategic imperative. Develop personalized insurance products, harness the power of data, and integrate digital solutions to meet the evolving expectations of consumers. Our be ys ecosystem enables you to accelerate your digital transformation and strengthen your competitive position.




  • Solution Hybrid Dematerialization Solution

  • be ys Trust 360° solutions (KYC, vault, signature…)


  • Data hosting in HDS datacenters + sovereign
  • GDPR/ISO 9001/27001 compliance


  • 20 years of expertise in the insurance sector
  • Teams mastering the healthcare ecosystem: continuous innovation
  • be ys R&D Lab


  • Overflow services
  • Team availability 24/7

Operational challenges include process automation, productivity enhancement, customization of insurance offerings, and effective resource management.

By managing financial risks, optimizing the capital structure, developing accurate budget forecasts, and implementing suitable investment strategies.

Innovation is crucial for developing personalized insurance products, leveraging data for decision-making, and adapting to regulatory changes and consumer expectations.

Explore Our Services for Insurance Companies

For over 20 years, be ys outsourcing services has been delivering back and front office solutions, both in third-party payment and non-third-party payment scenarios, to numerous market players. From customer relationship management to overflow management, be ys outsourcing leverages its expertise to deliver high-quality services.

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