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CULTURE & HERITAGE: Optimize your cultural and heritage operations in the digital age.

Automation for operational efficiency

By adopting innovative technological solutions such as Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and automated data processing, operations managers can significantly reduce costs and processing times. This approach frees up valuable resources that can then be allocated to higher-value tasks such as heritage preservation and valorization.

Digitization: the cornerstone of preservation and accessibility

By digitizing documents and artworks, it becomes possible to preserve them long-term and make them accessible to a wider audience. High-definition scanning technologies and digital content management platforms offer unprecedented opportunities to valorize cultural heritage and ensure its sustainability. According to a recent study, 88% of cultural institutions have already initiated digitization projects for their collections.

Data Analysis: an asset for agile and proactive management

By harnessing information from management systems and digital platforms, operations managers can identify areas for improvement, adjust their strategies, and allocate resources efficiently. This data-driven approach enables more precise and responsive operations management, ensuring sustainable performance. Today, 73% of executives are convinced of the value of better leveraging their data to contribute to their company’s performance.



  • High Quality Rate: Between 98.5% and 99.9% Depending on Processes


BYOS’s historical activity, with over 20 years of expertise serving major players.


  • Operational Flexibility of Processes
  • 24/7 Availability


  • Compliance with Current Standards
  • Sampling control according to ISO 2759 standard
  • Data hosted in our sovereign data centers
  • ISO 9001 certified

Digitization enables the creation of durable digital archives, reducing the risk of deterioration of physical documents and artworks. It also facilitates access to and dissemination of cultural heritage on a global scale.

Automation helps streamline processes, reduce errors, and decrease operational costs. It also frees up time to focus on tasks with higher added value.

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