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Success stories

Key Challenges

Remote Identity Verification (KYC)

The client is a major national group in social housing management and urban development. Its main mission is to simplify access to housing for employees, youth, and families by offering solutions tailored to their needs and resources. With a portfolio of over 2.8 million social housing units in France and Overseas. In addition to housing management, the organization provides financial assistance to employees for homeownership, home improvements, and to overcome financial difficulties.

The client was looking for a partner capable of:

Our figures

number of files processed per year
+ 0
quality rate
0 %
compliance rate of files (AML/CFT).
0 %

Why did they choose BYOS?

Our robust technical architecture

BYOS offers IT solutions and a robust technical architecture, ensuring the security and confidentiality of its clients’ data.

Our sovereign hosting in France.

BYOS has sovereign data centers in the territory that comply with all French and European laws and standards.


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