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The challenges of content moderation in the online gambling industry


Content moderation in the online gambling industry is a growing challenge, with an increase in user-generated content. Key challenges include protecting minors, combating fraud, and managing risky content. Solutions such as utilizing advanced technologies and collaborating with authorities can help address these challenges.

What challenges does content moderation pose in the online gambling industry?

With an estimated number of online players exceeding 4 million individuals (4,031,000), representing a 6.1% increase over the 2021-2022 period, the growth of the online gambling industry has led to a significant increase in user-generated content on gaming platforms. However, this rapid growth comes with significant challenges in content moderation.

Through this article, you will discover the specific challenges related to moderation in the gambling sector, highlighting the issues operators face and possible solutions:

Vulnerable Audiences and Minor Protection:

Gambling often targets diverse audiences, including vulnerable individuals. Moderation must consider protecting minors, preventing gambling addiction, and raising awareness of risky behaviors.

Fraud and Malicious Activities

Gambling platforms can be targeted by fraud attempts, such as cheating or promoting illegal gaming sites. Moderation must quickly detect and address such malicious activities to ensure the industry’s integrity.

Risk Content

Gambling platforms may face risky content such as excessive promotion, glorification of gambling, or even encouragement of irresponsible behavior. Moderation must be rigorous to ensure compliance with regulations and promote responsible gambling.

What are the potential content moderation solutions to address these issues?

Advanced Moderation Technologies

Adopting AI technologies for content moderation can help automate the process while proactively identifying problematic content.

Awareness Programs

Implementing awareness programs to inform users about the risks of excessive gambling and promote responsible behaviors.

Cooperation with Authorities

Close collaboration with regulatory authorities to ensure compliance with laws and share information on emerging fraud trends.

Real-time Monitoring

Implement real-time monitoring to quickly detect suspicious activities and apply corrective measures. For example, approximately 80% of companies in the gaming sector currently outsource content moderation for their platforms to manage player interactions and maintain a safe gaming environment (source: SuperData Research).


Content moderation in the online gambling industry is crucial to ensure compliance, promote a safe environment, and preserve operators’ reputation. Faced with the complexity of challenges, a proactive approach, combining advanced technologies and collaboration with regulators, is essential to address these issues effectively.

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