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Your trusted European partner for business process outsourcing

A leader in industrial data management and processing solutions, be ys outsourcing services helps you optimize your customer experience and digitally transform your business. With 6 production sites in 4 countries, we offer you a presence in Europe, the Indian Ocean and North Africa to best meet your outsourcing needs.

Locations in 4 COUNTRIES

6 production sites

The site is located in Clermont-Ferrand, in
Auvergne. It's the headquarters of the
be ys group. Additionally, it houses the two
HDS-certified data centers.


The premises are located in the heart
of Casablanca city. The site specializes
in IT support and development activities


The main site is located in the capital,
Bucharest, and the secondary site is in
Piatra Neamț in the northeastern part
of the country. Our teams in Romania
are multilingual and can provide services
in 20 languages.


The main site is located in Tsiadana,
and our secondary site is in La Digue.
These are two important hubs for data
entry and French-speaking customer
relationship centers.


Extensive geographical coverage to serve you as closely as possible

Located in France, Romania, Morocco and Madagascar, our 6 production sites are strategically positioned to provide you with flexibility and proximity. This multi-country presence enables us to combine the advantages of offshore and nearshore resources:

  • Cost control
  • Availability of a large talent pool
  • Operational flexibility and agility
  • Cultural and linguistic proximity
  • Ease of management and coordination

Wherever your customers and activities are, we can support your business processes with a high level of quality and security, drawing on the skills of our 2,000 employees at our various sites.

When you choose be ys outsourcing services, you benefit from the expertise of a European player with 6 production sites, for competitive, flexible and secure solutions. We put people and quality at the heart of our services, to help you optimize your customer experience.

We work mainly for companies in the banking/insurance, healthcare, retail, e-commerce and public sectors, on customer relationship management, digitalization and industrial data processing issues. Our experienced teams can offer you customized solutions, whatever your sector and whatever your challenges.

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