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Towards Healthcare 2.0 for Healthcare Facilities


The field of healthcare, especially hospitals, is not immune to the evolution of an increasingly connected society. Digitalization represents a promising vector for modernizing our healthcare system and transforming professional practices for the benefit of overall system efficiency.

Digitalization of processes: What are the challenges for healthcare facilities?

1. Reduce processing times and relieve internal teams

The lack of human and financial resources in a context where demand exceeds supply creates an imbalance in the organization of healthcare facilities. Technological innovation could help alleviate tensions on healthcare systems.

2. Secure information systems and protect sensitive data

There is a significant need to secure information systems to combat the proliferation of cyberattacks in the hospital environment. Cyberattacks on hospitals have increased by 500% since the arrival of Covid. To protect against these threats, establishments must equip themselves with tools dedicated to cybersecurity, to control identities, protect and retain personal data, and information flows.

3. Share and secure information with patients

The Segur of digital health aims to generalize the fluid and secure sharing of health data between professionals and users. It represents an unprecedented investment of 2 billion euros to support the massive and coherent development of digital health in France.

4. be ys supports you in addressing these new challenges

Our multi-tool solutions are present for the processing, collection, security, and retention of patient and healthcare professional data through our three entities:

Secure interface – Healthcare managers – Digital safe – Electronic signature – Hosting

Would you like to learn more about our trusted digital solutions? Contact our teams:

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